About Us


a non-profit civil association committed to the care and education of adolescents and vulnerable youth graduating from Residential Care Centers. We are helping to discover their purpose in life and form new habits to be able to reach their goals. Founded by Howard Hicks in July of 2016. We teach and prepare them for life outside residential care.

Working with the following Values

  • Loving God
  • Honesty
  • Compassion for others
  • Service in helping others
  • Respect

We work through 5 specific programs

  • Life Skills Training

    Examples like time management, family, etc based on God’s word

  • Discipleship and Mentor

    Developing mature, long lasting relationships

  • Career Development

    Learning skills for preparing for a good job

  • Transitional Housing

    Providing housing for those in need to develop skills for living cooperatively and independently

  • Relationships with Local Organizations & Churches

    To build long lasting relationships and opportunities for the youth to put in to practice their skills that they are discovering and developing